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Champions of Play

Ingrid's greatest gift to The Steward School was the unwavering priority she gave to children — of all ages — and teachers whose vision led them to create unconventional opportunities for students. The fundamental insight that motivated her is that play leads to learning that lasts a lifetime. 


To play is to wonder and to risk, to stretch and to discover. It is to be astonished … by oneself and others, by beauty, and by the utter joy in the worlds around them. Integral to Ingrid's focus on students was her keen attention to championing the adults who teach and support and protect them.


The Ingrid Moore Champions of Play Award will be given annually to a Steward faculty member from any division who has incorporated play in a project or installation, course, or curriculum. The award will be announced during Faculty Work Week, and the name of each year’s award recipient will be embossed on a plaque and displayed on campus. 


The Ingrid Moore Champions of Play Award will be supported by an endowed fund established by contributions made to The Steward School in Ingrid's honor. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please click the 'Donate' button.

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