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To Ingrid, With Love.

Ingrid loved fiercely.

And the world loved - loves - Ingrid just as madly.


As a visionary leader of her family, friends and community, Ingrid stood for social justice, the health and happiness of children, and the consistent practice of gratitude. She sought adventure everywhere, in life and through literature. And her interests were legion - a love affair with Rochefort-en-Terre, Arsenal, dancing, running, hiking, and singing on stage and through the stairwells!

We are humbled by the unconditional love and support that we have witnessed from all corners of Ingrid's tribe - from Virginia to Colorado to Brittany. Please join us below in memorializing your stories, lessons learned, and photos of our Ingrid, with love.

We cannot thank you enough. 

- The Hillhouses & The Moores